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  • "Environmental Displacement and Political Instability." Revise & resubmit. Winner of the Environmental Peacebuilding Association Best Paper Award (honorable mention).
  • "Is Democracy the Answer to Intractable Climate Change?" Global Environmental Politics, 2023. With Debra Javeline, Kimberly Peh, & Shana Scogin. 
  • "Economic Incentives to Adapt to Climate Change." Climate Policy, 2023. With Tracy Kijewski-Correa, Debra Javeline, & Bill Kakenmaster.
  • "Do Perverse Insurance Incentives Encourage Coastal Vulnerability?." Natural Hazards Review, 2022. With Debra Javeline & Tracy Kijewski-Correa.
  • "Does It Matter If You “Believe” in Climate Change? Not for Coastal Home Vulnerability." Climatic Change, 2019. With Debra Javeline & Tracy Kijewski-Correa. Winner of the Paul A. Sabatier Award from the American Political Science Association.

  • "Natural Disasters and Terrorism." Working paper.
  • "The Environmental Dimensions of Peace Agreements." Working paper.
  • "From Self-Rule to Slaughter: How Territorial Autonomy Incites State-Led Mass Killing." Working paper.
  • "Eroding Autonomy: Armed Conflict and Domestic Territorial Revision." Working paper.
  • "Triggers of Mass Killing." With Ernesto Verdeja. Under review.
Published articles and working papers may be available upon request (
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